‘PakistanPostShop’ – Post’s innovative economic platform now supports 1,500 entrepreneurs

Over 1500 registrations were received at the PakistanPostShop.



Pakistan Post’s innovative platform, PakistanPostShop, is now supporting over 1500 entrepreneurs who are taking their first step in the sphere. The incredible and unconventional program has already received 1550 registrations from retailers and online shopping platforms till the month of July.

The platform aims at providing an established economic platform for new businesses by offering them services at nominal rates. PakistanPostShop was launched back in February under Pakistan Post’s e-commerce initiative. In a few months, it has managed to garner the attention of growing new online businesses as well as retailers.

How will it help new businesses?

Pakistan Post has an infrastructure spread across the entire country. Their rates are also affordable as compared to private alternatives. They are now also providing services like same-day delivery, tracking and EMO (Electronic Money Order).

Due to the regaining of public confidence and affordability, new businesses are attracted to the services, and hence over 1500 registrations were received at the PakistanPostShop. However, the officials are scrutinizing the requests and partnership will be granted upon confirming the legitimacy of the business and seriousness.

”Many international web portal operators have also shown their interest to enter into Pakistan market with Pakistan Post as their delivery partner,” said an official, while speaking to media

Not only the online sellers, but the initiative has also garnered a lot of attention from regular retailers as well.

More to Pakistan Post:

EMO (Electronic Money Order), e-commerce initiatives same-day delivery services were nicely received by the public. For further easement, EMO service, also called post-to-doorstep, was being offered at all the General Post Offices as a window service. Consumers could transfer up to Rs. 50,000 through the service.

Pakistan Post has also launched a mobile application, this allows customers to track and trace their parcels on mobile phones. Customer complaints can also be registered to improve efficiency and working.

As Pakistan Post has improved the quality of their services, more people prefer using it over private alternatives. (READ MORE HERE)

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