Pakistan’s Chef-de-Mission Reveals The Reason Behind Arshad Nadeem’s ‘Failure’ at The Olympics

Arshad NadeemPakistan contingent’s chef-de-mission to the Tokyo Olympics Brig Zaheer Akhtar has blamed Arshad Nadeems ‘extensive use’ of social media for his ‘failure’ at the Olympics.

Arshad Nadeem recently made headlines after he qualified for the final round of the Javelin throw competition. He became the nation’s biggest hope to finally win a medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Unfortunately, he didn’t win a medal but surely won the hearts of millions of Pakistanis. Despite the lack of training facilities, Arshad’s qualification to the final round was indeed a huge achievement.

However, Pakistan’s chef-de-mission is still not happy because he feels Arshad Ndeem could have won a medal if he had spent less time on social media.

“Nonstop social media usage by Arshad and his coach in between the qualifying and final rounds turned out to be the main reason behind this failure,” he said.

“When he sent his javelin to over 85 meters in the qualifying round, the Indian coach who trained the gold medalist Chopra was on record to have said that Arshad was the biggest threat to his athlete, having all the potential to win even gold. Such was the impact of his qualifying round performance where he hardly put his full effort and yet he reached over 85. The Indian camp was wary of Arshad and his potential.”

Brig Zaheer Akhtar said that Nadeem’s coach was talking on the telephone during the final round. He added that his “half-hearted last attempt was made in haste.” Brig Zaheer Akhar feels it should have been direct contest between Arshad and Neeraj Chopra for a gold medal but the coach and the player’s excessive use of social media prevented that from happening.

  • This is nothing but blaming the others.. In order to hide your own incompetency….. Idiots are chief de mission… And all governing body

  • Can any one ask Brig Zaheer Akhtar . . . . About the reason that effect his performance . . . . . Only 10 player can only participate in 6 games shame shame on this insane cheif of Pakistan Olympics

  • What a stupid reason given for his failure to win a medal. This is the best example of passing the blame to others to hide your own incompetence. Pakistanis want to know the contribution of the Chef-de-Mission. What was his role and job?

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