International publication lauds Pakistan’s efforts as COVID-19 cases drop by 80% since June

The report has also shared that Pakistan's hospitals now have a sufficient number of beds available in the Coronavirus wards.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), an American business-focused newspaper based in New York City, has highlighted the rapidly declining Coronavirus cases in Pakistan.

The report rolls out at a time when the United States, a country with massive resources at its disposal compared to Pakistan, is having a hard time curbing the outbreak. The novel virus has infected 4.8 million and killed 158,000 Americans until now.

Pakistan taking the lead

As per the report, in Pakistan, the coronavirus cases have fallen by more than 80% from peak level, which the country had reached on 14 June, the day when a record 6,285 COVID-19 infections were confirmed.

The report titled “Why Youthful, Conservative Pakistan is a Coronavirus Bright Spot” also highlighted that number of deaths due to Coronavirus in Pakistan has reduced by almost 97%. At 153, Pakistan had reported its highest daily death tally on the 20th of June.

On the 2nd of August, Pakistan reported just 330 new infections out of 11,000 tests and 8 deaths. 249,000 COVID-19 patients out of the total 280,000 have recovered from the disease. Of the 25,172 active Coronavirus cases, only 1,038 are critical.

The report has also shared that Pakistan’s hospitals now have a sufficient number of beds available in the Coronavirus wards that were overwhelmed with infected patients until a few weeks ago.
The American journal also heaped praise on Prime Minister Imran Khan for his decision not to consider the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations, which suggested a complete countrywide lockdown.

Last month, another US-based newspaper, the Washington Post, had highlighted the civil-military collaboration in Pakistan in the fight against the Coronavirus outbreak.

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