Pakistan earns $206 million from transport services exports to various countries in five months

Transport services provided $165.540 million last year which increased to $203.480 million.


Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) stated that Pakistan earned around $206.040 million by providing various transport services across a number of countries in the first five months of the current financial year 2019.

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics is a Government agency that aims to provide national statistical services and conduct solid, comprehensive statistical research.

Growth statistics:

This showed an impressive growth of 22.61 percent overall. The percent has improved compared to the fiscal year 2018-2019 that accumulated $168.050 million from the same services.

The first five months of the period under review personal transport services grew by 22.92 percent. The services provided $165.540 million last year which increased to $203.480 million during July-November (2019-20).

However personal services and exports of education-related services decreased by 49.94 percent while health-related services decreased by 72.88 percent. In addition, the other personal services increased by 28.05 percent, out of which religious and other travel services witnessed the growth of 158.70 and 27.90 percent respectively.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics said that the business services exports, blossomed by 1.99 percent as exports increased from $2.510 million to $2.560 million.

During the period from July-November, 2019-20, services exports grew by 2.95 percent, whereas imports reduced by 1.36 percent.

Data from PBS showed last year’s exports of $2.103 billion increased to $2.165 billion during the past five months. Imports, however, have decreased from $3.836 to $ $3.784 billion.

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