Pakistan’s Ex-COAS Alleges That CIA Plotted Zia Ul Haq’s Murder

The crash killed Pakistan's then-president along with five army officers and the US Ambassador, Arnold Lewis Raphel.


Two Former Generals of the Pakistan army have formed conflicting conclusions on the details behind the plane crash of General Zia.

Speaking to the Anadolu Agency, the former Minister of Pakistan and son of Zia ul Haq had accused the ex-army chief, Gen Mirza Aslam Beg and the former National Security Advisor, Gen Mahmood Ali Durrani, for murdering his father by bringing his plane down.

The crash killed Pakistan’s then-president along with five army officers and the US Ambassador, Arnold Lewis Raphel.

Proper Investigation

General Mirza Aslam Beg said that he had pressurized the relevant authorities several times for a proper investigation during his tenure as army chief. However, the government did not respond to his appeals.

Beg told the Agency, “The incident was not an accident, but sabotage and all clues are directing towards that.”

However, Durrani, who was leading the Multan division that hosted Ziaul Haq to watch the trial of American tanks in deserts of Bahawalpur, said he did not believe in the theory of sabotage.

Both these generals seemed to differ on whether the crash was an “accident” or  “sabotage”.

In response to the allegations by Ijazul Haq, Beg said, he did not find it appropriate to respond to them.

Beg said, “He was the one who held the elections, and instead of imposing martial law, handed over Pakistan’s reigns to a democratic government.”

Involvement of CIA

However, Beg said, he had solid reasons to believe that the Central Investigation Agency (CIA) of the US was involved in the incident.

Referring to the death of US ambassador who was also in the plane, Beg said the CIA has managed to find a scapegoat to hide behind.

General Mirza Aslam Beg further stated that an internal investigation led by military intelligence during his tenure had also elevated suspicion about the role of The CIA in the crash.

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  • It is a well known fact that Pakistanis r enemy to the none but to themselves only; our leg-pulling is proverbial so was the case the. Our ISI is one of the best in the world but every one is silent thr. God Knows better…..

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