Pakistan’s F-16s Intercepted an Indian Airlines Plane: Here’s Why

According to media reports, a Kabul-bound Indian passenger plan of SpiceJet airline was intercepted by F16s of Pakistan Air force. As per details, the incident happened in September after the Pakistan Air force confused the passenger plane for a military plane.

The confusion was caused by a mistake of the Indian authorities when they gave the Kabul-bound flight military instead of commercial flight code. The SpiceJet airlines plane was carrying as many as 120 passengers to Kabul, Afghanistan.

As the plane with military code entered Pakistani airspace, it got surrounded by couple of JF-16 fighter jets. The Pakistani pilots instructed the Indian pilot to lower his altitude. Meanwhile, the Indian pilot tried to tell them about the flight’s status.

“This is SpiceJet, Indian commercial aircraft, which carries passengers and is going to Kabul as per schedule,” the SpiceJet pilot trying to clear the confusion stated.

A resource revealed that the Kabul-bound flight was given the “IA” which was misinterpreted as the Indian Army or India Airforce. As the Pakistani authorities came to know about an Indian plane with the code “IA” entering it’s airspace. The F16s were instructed to look after the matter.

Moreover, passengers were asked to shut down the windows and make no noise as the Pakistani fighter jets surrounded the Indian flight. After the confusion was sorted out the Pakistan pilots then escorted the Kabul-bound flight out of it’s airspace.

Furthermore, after landing at it’s destination, the flight was yet again delayed due to some paper work.


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  • یہ واقعی سازش ہے کہ جہاز کو
    گرادیاجاتا تو پھر پوری دنیا کے سامنے واویلہ بھارت کرتا

  • Like always india makes noises when they are at fault. If the pakistanis did the same indians would have shot down and the made false claims.

  • Did not the ZPakistani fools read on the plane it says Spice Jet and the register number of the flights. Also commercial flights have different transponder frequency real jokers

    • My dear stupid
      For ur info, Randia has sacked the person who gave the wrong code to this flight..and for kind info it shows the alertness of PAF..they r not like Americans who let go the commercial flights on 9/11. No doubt the person who gave the wrong code was ur brother..he might have thought..” nothing wrong in giving wrong code,pakistanis will see that a passenger flight is coming,

    • It may have said spice jet but it is the CODES that matter and IT IS the Indian FOOLS that made the balls up with paperwork and thus threw confusion all around, even when the plane landed the paperwork caused confusion and delay. To put it in a nutshell there can be sheep in wolf’s clothing. ????????

    • You fool at least we didn’t shoot it down like you Indians,you lot shoot your own planes and choppers down ,disgraceful Indian army,

    • You are a blind dumb n a duffer too, the stupid indians allot a wrong code intentionally to create this situation but being wise n professional our ❤Pakistan Air Force did not just destroy it, gave a clear chance for the indian pilot to clarify. You guys are loser n we win again. RAW wanted we hit the plane full of Afghans n create serious situation. We acted wisely . For further information please ask AbhiNandan who was our guest for few days.

    • Teri maa ki microscope dikhati hai ke thousands feet altitude pe jahaz pe kya likha hai??? Sale cow urine pe pe ke tum log usi se drunk rehte ho.

  • This could have been a trap for Pakistan army set up by India, but it’s chances are not much and it more looks a human error.

      • There are more terrorist in so called pakisatn government. Please brodont worry about India. Nane one country that has actualy bzcked pakistan on Kashmir issue.

  • یہ جان بوجھ کر کیا تھا تاکہ ان افغانیوں کو مار کر پاکستان کے ساتھ مزید تعلق خراب کرے۔گاءے کے پجاری

  • This was a delbarate move by Indian agencies to confuse Pakistani airforce and to cause an incidence of shorting down of passenger plane and blaming Pakistan for it. This must be strongly condemned.

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