Pakistan’s Fauji Meat Limited gets approval for exports by the Malaysian government

US paves way to get 'lab meat' on plates - Newspaper - DAWN.COMPakistan’s Fauji Meat Limited has received permission for exports from the Malaysian government.

This was revealed by the Advisor to the Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment, Abdul Razak Dawood, in a post on Twitter.

The news is a relief for the South Asian country as it is looking to boost its exports amid a widening trade deficit.

Last month, Pakistan’s trade deficit surged by 134% on a year-on-year (YoY) basis.

“I congratulate Fauji Meat Limited, the largest meat manufactory in Pakistan, on its permission by the Government of Malaysia for exports,” said Dawood in a tweet.

The advisor further stated that this shows global acceptability and a demand for meat from Pakistan

“I admire the efforts made by MOC’s Trade and Investment Counsellor in Kuala Lumpur in this regard and request him to provide the greatest facilitation to our meat exporters to obtain similar endorsements,” added Dawood.

Fauji Meat Limited came into existence in 2013 as a subsidiary of Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited (FFBL) and falls under the umbrella of Fauji Foundation.

Fauji Meat Limited owns the biggest meat processing plant in the country, located near Port Qasim in Karachi. The plant spreads across around 47 acres of land.

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  • This could be a beginning to the meat export to other countries as well like Malaysia promising high revenues

  • Santhri badshah log ab Pakistan ke saray janwar bhi qabza kar laingay. I can see Meat shortage In next 6 months or so. American General said long time ago Pakistani can sell…………

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