Pakistan’s Favorite Ambassadors Are Planing A ‘Biryani Lunch’ And We Have All The Reasons To Be Excited!

Pakistan’s obsession with native US stand-up comedian Jeremy McLellan is no secret. He is safely our favorite foreigner – EVER!

Calling himself as a US Ambassador to Pindi Boys, Jeremy seriously has our purest hearts and he makes sure to return the love he receives from Pakistan as well.

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But seems like, with his attempts to interact with the locals and efforts to bring a positive image of Pakistan in front of the world, German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler is giving Jeremy a little competition for Pakistan’s ‘favorite’ spot!

With his adorable, extremely interactive and appreciative comments, his Twitter timeline is literally one of the best places to be on social media.

Not with only his quality humor, Martin’s involvement and positive contribution to aware people about the existing challenges is quite appreciated.

Among countless things, there is one thing where entire Pakistan, Jeremy, and Martin are on one page – our mutual love for Biryani!

Recently when Martin posted a picture at Karachi’s absolutely famous biryani place, Student Biryani, Twitter had an absolute meltdown. Moreover, as he said he chose the place based on people’s suggestions, more suggesting started pouring in within minutes.

The wild response also caught Jeremy’s eye and he hilariously hit back saying he wants to adopt Kobler as his uncle!
And yes, his introspective views about Biryani war as well.

Not sure if Kobler approved of the idea of adoption, but they are planning an ‘Ambassador’s Biryani Lunch’ and of course, what more can we ask for?

Pakistanis are super excited about the idea and have already started pouring in suggestions.

Here is how the Twitter community is reacting:


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