Pakistan’s First All-girls Team Set To Enter International Competition With Their Formula Car


The unique or the other factor about this story is that girls usually thrive but don’t get recognition or don’t make it to the international platform in this field.

Shattering all the stereotypes, for the first time in Pakistan, an all-girls team has built a formula car all by themselves to enter into an international competition.

Designed and actualized by the students of National University of Science and Technology H-12 Campus Islamabad, the car was intended at representing Pakistan on an international European competition held every year.

‘Formula Student’ is a competition held every year in the UK that encourages and celebrates innovative capabilities of engineering students and their unique inventions. The platform encourages students to represent their nationalities and talents on a global level, competing with teams coming from different countries.
Each team builds a small-scale formula car in order to compete in the competition.

 International Formula Student competition this year is scheduled from 13th to 15th July
and will be held in Silverstone, England. The cars will be evaluated on certain parameters like skip pad, design dynamics, endurance, acceleration, car’s fuel economy and more.

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NUST’s ‘Team AUJ’ that will be representing Pakistan on the international platform consists of 15 girls belonging to engineering, industrial designing, and business management departments. The car is built without any mechanical engineer on the team.

Led by Azka Athar, the other women behind this ground-breaking invention are Harim Akhtar, Fatima Sohail, Syeda Al Aima Zahra, Rauf Shaikh, Sabah Zaman, Laiba Rodyna, Cybil Braganza, Wardah Jamal. Team AUJ will be leaving for the UK on the 9th of July.

We wish the car no. 199 and Pakistan’s first all-girls team representing on global level the very best of luck and hope they will make the nation proud!

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