[VIDEO] Pakistan’s ‘First Boat Clinic’ Launched In Rajanpur

By the end of this year, the clinic is expected to function on eight more docking points.

Pakistan’s first boat clinic has started functioning in the Rajanpur district of southern Punjab.

The boat clinic was initiated by the Indus Health Network. Its purpose is to provide all medical facilities by boat to the local population who find it challenging to come to the hospital or to have access to standard health care.

Dr. Adil Akhter, the Associate Director at Global Health Directorate, Indus Health Network, told The Independent Urdu: “In Rajanpur and adjoining areas, 47% of the population of more than one lakh are men and 53% are women. Most of the population lacks basic health care, so the boat clinic will help fill that gap.”

The doctor added: “The patients will be treated for free at this boat clinic, while those in need  of further treatment will be shifted to the nearest hospital.”

At present, the boat clinic is working on three docking points on the Indus River. By the end of this year, the clinic is expected to function on eight more docking points.

According to Dr. Adil, the boat also has a lab collection point and a pharmacy.

Moreover, public health services such as immunizations, diet programs, family planning, treatment for stomach worms, hepatitis, and mental health counseling services are also available onboard.

Dr. Abdul Bari, CEO of Indus Health Network, remarks that the boat clinic has combined traditional family medicine and public health.

“Our goal is to focus on treatment as well as disease prevention and protection. To make this clinic a success, we have teamed up with teams working in the community to provide better services to the people.”

This article first appeared in The Independent Urdu in the Urdu language.

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  • These good things never use to happen when ppp and pmln ruled Pakistan there only focus was corruption and commissions through bridges and roads

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