Pakistan’s first electric bike REVEALED – price, specs, launch details here

The encouragement to EVs is part of the government’s Clean and Green Movement.

The inauguration ceremony of Pakistan’s first locally-assembled Electric Bike (E-Bike) was held last week in Islamabad. Now, the price of the e-bike has been revealed by authorities.

Launch of the E-Bike

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched Pakistan’s first-ever Electric Bike in Islamabad on the 8th of July. The launch of this environmentally friendly vehicle is part of the government’s 5-year Pakistan Electric Vehicles Policy 2020-2025. The policy was approved last year with a mission to increase electric passenger vehicles to 30% by 2030.

Addressing the launch ceremony, Imran Khan praised the initiative by calling it very positive and said:

The encouragement to EVs is part of the government’s Clean and Green Movement.

Price Details of the E-Bike

According to media reports, the launch rate of the bike, JE-70, is Rs. 82,500.

Performance Details of the E-Bike

Sources state that the e-bike can travel up to 80 kilometers in Eco Mode, while it travels up to 60 kilometers in Turbo Mode. The bike has 1000W Power with a top speed of 60 km/hour on a plain road.

While speaking to a media outlet, Usman Sheikh, CEO of Jolta Electric, claimed:

The bikes have received immense buyers’ responses. I can’t share the exact number of bookings, but students, teachers, courier companies, and people from rural areas have shown interest in the bike.

Charging Time of the E-Bike

Company officials claim that the bike will need overnight charging at home of 1.5 units. The company also stated that the charging would cost only Rs. 1,000 per month, making the e-bike very cost-effective for the owner.

E-Vehicle Promotion in Pakistan

It is pertinent to mention that the current government has taken several steps to promote electric vehicles in Pakistan. Under the new auto policy, the government announced:

  • Import duty on CBU Electric Vehicles (EVs) will be reduced to 10% from 25% for one year
  • 1% Customs Duty on import of EV parts

Experts believe that the launch of such environmentally-friendly vehicles will reduce the grave issue of pollution in Pakistan and push the country towards betterment and progress.

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