Pakistan’s First-Ever Electric Car Company Just Opened its Showroom in Lahore

Topsun motors has just become Pakistan first ever electric car company to enter the local automobile market. The company’s showroom has also been inaugurated in Lahore on Jail road by the name of Topsun MR Motors.

As per details, the inauguration ceremony was held last week attended by the Provincial Minister of Punjab for housing, urban development and public health engineering, Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed.

The managing director of Topsun Motors, Malik Riaz was also present on this occasion. China has played a key role in introducing the new company and has also assured of its further support to the government.

Topsun Motors also introduced four engine-based models including a hatchback and three models of JMC. These newly introduced cars will soon be available in the market for the following prices.

  • Zyote Z100 PKR 1,490,000/-
  • JMC Single Cabin PKR 2,950,000/-
  • JMC Double Cabin PKR 3,950,000/-
  • JMC Vigus 2.4-litre PKR 5,015,000/-

As mentioned earlier, these vehicles are engine based but once the electric vehicle policy is implemented, they will also be rolling out the electric version of Zyote Z100. As per Topsun Motors, the Zyote Z100 can cover around 300 km on a single battery and will be priced approximately PKR 1.9-2 million.


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