Pakistan’s Healthcare Sector: There Is Only 1 Bed To Accomodate 1580 Patients

According to the new Economic Survey 2017-18, there is only one doctor to attend 957 people, one dentist for 9730 people while coming to hospital beds, there is only one bed to accommodate 1580 people. (Islamabad, Dawn News)
Not just that, the survey reveals that the caloric availability of major food commodities is estimated at around 2500 calories per person per day with minor improvements as compared to the past.
The said survey also claimed that a number of significant efforts are also being made to improve the situation, but the stats show they are futile.

Source: Harvard International Review

Health expenditures surpassed the budget allocation of Rs273.34 billion set for the fiscal year 2016-17 while in terms of GDP these increased to 0.91pc from 0.77 recorded in the fiscal year 2015-16. (Source: DAWN News)
Speaking to a seminar, Dr Izhar Ahmed Chaudhry, President PMA (Pakistan Medical Association) says that government is solely responsible for the deteriorating health sector in Pakistan.
“Due to the bad system, even doctors have taken to streets or trying to go on abroad. The worst collateral damage of this system is that the people are more interested to go to quacks, hakeems and homoeopathic doctors as they cannot afford the proper medical healthcare facilities.” – he said speaking to Express Tribune.


Patients waiting in a line at a hospital
Source: Express Tribune

Vision 2025 has apparently detected the loophole and has diagnosed the need for planning and implementation being adopted collectively. The survey claims that under Vision 2025 plan, the situation will make a turnaround. It has been formulated with consultation with all the provinces to bridge the gap effectively. This will be done by addressing the inadequacies in primary and secondary health facilities, the prevalence of communicable diseases and improving the pharmaceutical sector to magnify the outreach of the facilities to a common man.

Source: Dunya News

The cumulative health spending for the financial year 2017-18 for the centre and provinces are estimated at Rs 384.57 billion, which is 31.75 pc higher than the actual expenditures released during the fiscal year 2016-17, Rs 291.90 billion.
The report also quantified the figures, saying that the performance shows the growth as the total health expenditure has increased both in terms of percentage of GDP and growth.
‘It grew by 29.54pc to Rs291.90 billion during 2016-17 against Rs225.87 billion in 2015-16’ – as Dawn News reports.

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