No Water Supply By Government, One Of Karachi’s Largest Leather Exporting Factories Shuts Down

According to the industrialist, around 15 factories in Karachi have already shut down due to water scarcity.

Water Scarcity | Threats | WWFThe renowned industrialist and the Patron-in-Chief of the United Business Group (UBG), S.M. Muneer, has closed his leather factory in Karachi due to water scarcity.

The factory was one of the biggest leather exporters in Pakistan.

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This was disclosed by the factory owner, S.M. Muneer, during a press conference on Friday.

Muneer stated that the factory’s closure is due to the deficiency of water, which used to come in through the pipelines.

Therefore, the company used to have no choice but to purchase water from the “water tanker mafia.” This incurred the company huge losses.

“For the last five years, I used to buy water worth ₨. Two crores every month as the water didn’t come in my pipeline,” Muneer lamented.

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The industrialist stated that the water tanker mafia took unethical advantage of the government’s inability to provide water to the industries, and urged action against them.

“I appeal to the incumbent government to stop this water mafia for God’s Sake. Otherwise, the whole industry would be destroyed,” he stated.

Muneer added that many industries in Karachi were in the process of seizing their operations due to water scarcity, adding that 15 industries have already shut down.

Renowned industrialist, S.M. Muneer closes his factory in Karachi due to scarcity of water in the city.

Posted by The Times of Karachi on Friday, July 9, 2021

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