Pakistan’s leading daily “The Nation” apologizes for PM Imran Khan’s derogatory cartoon

  • The apologetic statement by the leading daily newspaper regretted that it should never have happened.
  • We are proud to be nationalistic paper, and we regret sincerely the attention taken by an artwork that was inappropriate; The Nation.
Photo credit Dunya News.

The country’s leading English newspaper “The Nation” has issued an apology for the cartoon of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The cartoon was published by the time when the premier was addressing the session at United Nations General Assembly.

The newspaper said in the public apology: “We would like to apologize for the cartoon that appeared on our pages. The artwork fell short of our standards and does not reflect our editorial policy.”

The apologetic statement by The Nation also regretted that it should never have happened. “We are proud to be nationalistic paper, and we regret sincerely the attention taken by an artwork that was inappropriate, especially at the time of the UN General Assembly session taking place in New York.

The newspaper reiterated that steps have been taken to ensure our internal procedures and once again extended the sincere apology for the indecent move.

The cartoon that was published by the paper was deemed offensive by the minister for human rights and also invited the public outrage at large.

The premier in his address at New York stressed that religion has nothing to do with terrorism. “The world must understand Muslim sensitivities for Islam and the utmost reverence for the Holy Prophet PBUH,” Khan said while speaking on the Islamophobia.

He also called for effective measures to be undertaken to counter the hate agenda that is continued under the guise of freedom of expression.

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  • Don,t you think It,s about Time that government should action against these Indian paid newspaper and journalists ????????

  • Fucktards are saying sorry after backlash. it was not of standard, but it passed the QC deliberately.

    • The pictured women with a large nose, is this kunt the perpetrator of this criminal act at a TIME when OUR PM is in US defending Pakistan?

      And Islamobia? And this CIA RAW financed the Hindu Nation puts out a despicable cartoon?

  • The News, Dawn, Jang these print media is run by the Pseudo Liberals, in other words, “Media Prostitutes”, who can strip at any time at any given place for money.
    Country or Nation is secondary for them.
    But the main question is, do their negative opinions have any impact on masses? The answer is wide no. Imran & PTI will be in power at least another two terms……….Rok Sako to Rok Lo.

  • اس خبیث نون لیگی رمیزہ نظامی سے میرا سادہ سا سوال یہ ہے کہ اگر پی ٹی آئی کا کوئی کارکن لاہور چیرنگ کراس پر اسکے تمام کپڑے اتار کر الف ننگا کر دے اور چوبیس گھنٹے تک جب تک ساری دنیا اسکا نظارہ نہ کر لے اسے وہاں سے ہلنے نہ دے لیکن بعد میں پارٹی کا ترجمان معزرت کر لے کہ یہ ہماری پارٹی پالیسی نہیں ہے تو کیا اس فاحشہ عورت کو یہ معزرت قابل قبول ہو گی ؟؟؟؟؟؟

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