For the first time, Pakistan’s Mango exports to surpass 120,000 tons

Last Season, May-October 2018, the country made exports of 82,000 tons, which was close to about $70 million. But this year, the exports will be worth a total of $85 million.




In a time where the exports of other goods continue to be slow, Pakistan is inching close to making a record of highest mango exports in the ongoing year 2019. The exports are estimated to be over 120,000 tons. This milestone has been made possible by an increase in production rate and rupee devaluation.

“Pakistan made record-high exports of around 120,000 tons of mangoes some five to six years ago,” – said Waheed Ahmed, former chairman of PFVA (All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchants Association), said while talking to The Express Tribune.
He said that in the ongoing year, they are highly hopeful that the exports will close at 130,000 tons.

So far in the current season, the country has exported 115,000 tons of mango, the cost stands at a whopping $80 million. The season started in May of 2019. The export season’s conclusion will be reached by the end of October, this means that a month is still left to reach the aimed record.

Waheed said that the merchants were unsuccessful in fetching a high price for mangoes in the export markets, but the growth in export of fruit in volumetric terms has really pushed the country to achieve higher exports, as compared to the previous season.

Last Season, May-October 2018, the country made exports of 82,000 tons, which was close to about $70 million. But this year, the exports will be worth a total of $85 million.

The different variety of mangoes exported include Sindhri, White Chaunsa, Fajri, Ratawala/112, Kaiser, Lal Badshah, Anwar Ratol and Summer Chaunsa.

Mangoes ranged from $650 to $800 per ton in the current season:

Further on, Mr. Ahmed briefed that the price of mangoes ranged from $650 to $800 per ton in the current season, while in the last season, the price stood at $650 to $1,000 per ton. This is due to the rupee devaluation, which has simultaneously been a significant help in attaining the five-year high export volume of 115,000 tons.

The production has also increased this year. During the current season, the production stands at 1.5 million tons, compared to last year’s 1.3 million tons, and the drop in price to Rs. 75-85 per kg at the farm level, helped an increase in exports. The crop size was much greater this year due to the implementation of global standards for nurturing mangoes on trees and tree plantation in the orchards.

“Pakistan adopted world standards for mango plantation and cultivation after Europe banned Indian mango in 2014,” – he said.

“Adoption of the standards not only helped Pakistan successfully avert the ban from European and other countries but also helped in higher production and exports in the following years.” – Ahmed continued.

Another thing that assisted in high export is the availability of export time slot.

“Pakistani mango export accelerates during July-September every year. This is the time slot when no other country makes significant export of the fruit across the world,” – said PFVA’s former chairman.

And lastly, the accelerated marketing of Pakistani mangoes in export countries also aided in achieving the desired outcome.

“Mango exporters, in collaboration with Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) and Pakistani embassies in the export countries, aggressively marketed the fruit,” – he stated.

Ahmed also said that Pakistan advertised mangoes in 25 traditional markets in US, Europe and in Asia. However, despite the increased exports this year, Pakistan still holds a lot of potential for growth in mango exports.

A large number of mangoes were exported to Afghanistan, Iran, Oman, Qatar, UAE, and some European countries. A high number of exports was also received in countries like Canada, Germany, the US, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, and Denmark.
Other than these countries, exports were made to markets of high value, like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and Malaysia.

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  • should be in billions of dollars. Pakistan has THE BEST MANGOES in the world, nothing ever comes close to it. Only if we were able to meet western import/export standards for perishable edible items.

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