Pakistan’s Mithi: A Beautiful Example of Hindu-Muslim Harmony

In the country of intolerance, there exist beautiful land of Mithi where Hindus and Muslims have been living peacefully side by side for decades. In this little heaven, cows roam around free and Hindus commemorate Muharram with an equal love and respect.

72 years old pensioner from Mithi named Shams Das says that Muslims don’t slaughter cows in respect of Hindus. The cattle live a very free life here, walk, eat and sleep wherever they want to.

“Muslims respect the beliefs of Hindus. They do not kill cows, or only in remote places, but not in Hindu neighbourhoods.” – said Shams Das.

Mithi has 60,000 Hindu population, while the majority of the country is dominated by 95% Muslims. In the iconic Shri Krishna temple, on one side the temple bell rings while the sound of the Azaan echoes amalgamated with it – only a few streets away from it.

The heterogeneous religious community has been coexisting peacefully here for years. However, it shows a strong contrast with the Karachi neighbourhood. Kumar Gir, a Hindu priest from Karachi says that there were more than 360 temples across the city, while only a small number of them is functional today.

“The rest of them have been shut down and their land is being encroached’’ – he said.

HRCP (Pakistan Human Rights Commission) says that Pakistan’s Hindu minority is quite uneasy due to the discrimination they face. The annual report from HRCP stated that “the migration of Hindus to India may soon turn into an exodus if the discrimination against them continues’’.

But this doesn’t affect Mithi at all. Since ages, the communities have coexisted peacefully.
“Since I was old enough to reason, I have witnessed fraternity, love and harmony between Hindus and Muslims’’ – said 35 years old businessman Sunil Kumar.

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