All You Need To Know About Pakistan’s Powerful French made Anti-Ship, Anti-Aircraft missiles

Here are the country’s five missiles which can take down aircraft.

Pakistan is quite known for its powerful military weapons. But do you know that Pakistan Navy has strong missiles, which it can use to strike down an aircraft if ever needed to in a naval war?

Here are the country’s five missiles which can take down aircraft.


The production of the MM38 closed down in 2002, but it is believed that Pakistan has a couple of these missiles stocked. Its range is just 40 km, or about 25 miles and is ship-launched.


It is the only submarine-launched variant from the Exocet family and is set off from Pakistan’s Agosta-class submarines, which is purchased from France and built with the country’s help.

The SM39 is ideal for submarines with inadequate height to launch missiles vertically. It is launched from torpedo tubes in a watertight container and then ejects the missile into the air.


The missile is powerful and is difficult to defend against for ships. The original Exocet missile and its variants are Pakistan’s primary anti-ship missiles.

The Exocet was developed in France in the 1960s as a short-range missile and is difficult to detect and intercept. After launch, it stays near the ocean’s surface to avoid detection and visual contact. Anti-ship can be fired from sea, land, and air.


The MM40s range was increased by increasing the length of the missile and adding more propellant. It can skim the surface of the ocean, only two or three meters above the surface or about six to ten feet. This helps the missile to avoid interception and radar detection.


AM39’s new update includes improvement in navigation and is air-launched. It gives helicopters and aircraft at sea an anti-ship capability.

To decrease the enemy’s anti-missile systems, an evasive maneuvering capability was added to the system.



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