Here are Pakistan’s most viral videos from 2019 which reflect our year perfectly!

Here is your year's rewind!

2019 has been quite an interesting year for Pakistanis. There have been moments of sadness and moments of just pure joy. However, there is no better way to summarize Pakistan’s 2019 than having a rundown of our most-watched video list.

From Bilawal to Rabi Pirzada to Chef Gulzar, the list shows that political scenarios and celebrity scandals have kept people glued to their screens this year.

Want to have a better insight? Following are Pakistan’s most viral videos of 2019!

‘Jab baarish aata hai tou paani aata hai’
– Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s genius observation

Definitely the highlight of 2019! Bilawal’s logic commenting on the damning situation of Karachi following rain made waves…and memes across social media.

‘WikiLeaks’ Wiki is Jemima’s Cousin’
Mufti Kifayatullah’s conspiracy

Of course, can Pakistan go even one year without dharna? This year Maulana Fazl ur Rehman spilled the tea, and Mufti Kifayatullah, of course, shared some ‘secrets’ with us.

‘Oye Kal*y, Teri Ammi Kahan Beythte Hai, Kya Parhwaa Kay Aya Hai Tu Aj?!
Sarfaraz’s ‘genuine’ question to Andile Phehlukwayo

Ok. No comments. He went a little too far.

‘Apko Pata Hai Main Kon Hoon?’
Ali Rehman’s ‘social experiment’

Film star Ali Rehman made the headlines quite recently. He was seen rudely misbehaving with a Mcdonald’s employee and later called it a staged ‘social experiment’.

‘Iss Dou Takkay Ki Larki Keh Liyae Aap Mujhe 50 Million Dey Rehay thay?’
Danish’s ‘killer‘ insult in Meray Paas Tum Ho

Humayun Saeed and Aiza Khan’s recent play ‘Meray Paas Tum Ho’ can easily be branded as the most popular drama this year, yes, among men and women both. So when Humayun Saeed thrashed his cheating ex-wife, the viewers were just too excited!

Rabi Pirzada’s Apology To Allah After Her Leaked Video

Singer Rabi Pirzada’s explicit leaked images became a top twitter trend. However, not just this, her apology went quite viral too!


So, popular Chef Gulzar, completely disheartened by Nawaz Sharif’s departure to London, went a little extra. As a protest, Gulzar recorded a video hitting himself with a….errr, no comments.

‘Tamatar 2̶2̶5̶ 17* Rupees Kilo’
Hafeez Sheikh

Yes. 17 rupees per kilo.

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  • apko pata ha m kon hun was hell funny like agar ap famous hun tu logo sy pochna ni parhta apko pata ha m kon hun

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