Pakistan’s New Start To Social Equality – First School For Transgenders Opening In Lahore

After years of marginalization getting abandoned by their own families, longing for acceptance and craving to achieve best opportunities in life like every human being deserves to, things seem to be finally changing for the transgender community in Pakistan. This year has already started on a positive note for them. From issuing driving licenses for the first time to the first transgender newscaster acing the tv screen and now, a school being opened solely for the transgender community.

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This school will open on the 15th of April in Lahore. The name of the school is ‘’The Gender Guardian’’. Here, they won’t have to hide their true identities and won’t be met with stares and judgments of people, creating an environment of acceptability and learning comfort. The school offers 12-year education from primary to matriculation and then college. The school is a result of an NGO named Exploring Future Foundation, as revealed by Asif Shahzad, who is the school’s founder. (source: Dawn News)

He also said that two more identical schools will open in Islamabad and Karachi. Not only that, but the school also focuses on opening avenues of chances, opportunities, and progress in all departments of life. it is important to realize that the transgender community needs to be given the right to a better living, not to only improve their own living conditions but also this will refine them into a productive part of society that can contribute on a national level as well. By unlocking their hidden potential, they can be converted into a contributing workforce, doing their part to country’s progress.

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