Pakistan’s Razzy Motors is now exporting motorcycles to Asian countries

The company is one of the country's top 10 indigenous motorcycle manufacturers.


Pakistan’s auto industry has been manufacturing outdated retro motorcycles that are not preferred globally. However, Sources have revealed that Raazy Motors (Hi-Speed) has started exporting locally produced motorbikes to countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

The company is one of the country’s top 10 indigenous motorcycle manufacturers, and its Hi-Speed Infinity 150 is immensely popular among the youth for its distinctive cafe racer design.

Raazy Motor Industries was launched in 2004. It was established as a private limited business later in 2011 and was renamed ‘Raazy Motor Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.’. Following a successful trial program, it has exported its Hi-Speed SR125 motorcycle to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, reflecting its excellent manufacturing and customer services.

Pakistan has been manufacturing Hi-Speed’s 4-stroke Euro-II motorcycles and cargo loaders. The country also produces gasoline tanks, chain covers, and wiring harnesses for high-performance bikes.

It started to export locally produced 4-stroke auto rickshaws to countries worldwide in recent years. Despite having little resources, the local industry is stumbling to survive but is making a mark internationally.

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