Pakistan’s heroic Rickshaw driver who worked to educate his six daughters

In a world full of misogyny and patriarchal hold, Rickshaw driver from Pakistan worked tirelessly to educate his 6 daughters.



In this conservative society, raising a daughter can be a difficult job. Despite the world’s rapid progress, some in stereotypical societies like Pakistan only believe a girl’s final destination to be ‘marriage’. While this imaging hasn’t entirely left the world, there are people stepping out of this conservative zone and setting high standards in the upbringing of their children.

Women education is important, it benefits more than just one individual. Educating a girl can affect the society in many positive ways.

Education is mandatory and should be provided to children no matter how difficult. Such an example has been set by Amjad, a rickshaw driver. His story is very moving and also one worth mentioning. While Amjad’s profession is picking and dropping people in his rickshaw, he is educating his daughters and simultaneously telling everyone how daughters should be treated.

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Having no son does not trouble Amjad in the least. He felt very proud of everything his daughters have achieved.

‘’People often mock me for educating my daughters. But I want them to have a firm standing in society. Today, it is hard for many to believe that they are studying in the top universities of Pakistan,’’ – said Amjad.

Muskan, one of Amjad’s daughters, is a student at IBA:



‘’It wasn’t easy but I had decided that I’ll make it happen. People often mocked and criticized me that girls are bound to get married and move out, stop wasting your hard earned money on your daughters. Today, by the grace of Allah, my daughters are studying in the top elite universities of Pakistan.

Muskan, one of my daughters is currently studying in Insititute of Business Administration (IBA) which is in the list of top business schools across the country. I’m a proud father, Alhumdulillah!” – Amjad said talking to a local publisher.

Amjad has set an example for the rest to follow. He has broken stereotypes and has proved that daughters are Allah’s blessings and not a burden.

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