Pakistan’s Tayyaba Becomes Country’s First Astronomer To Make A Research Trip To Antartica

Pakistan’s Tayyaba becomes country’s first astronomer to make a research trip to Antartica

In a first, Pakistani astronomer Dr Tayyaba Zafar made history by being the first Pakistani to go for Antarctic Research Trip under the Homeward Bound Programme.

Setting a new precedent, the Lahore based star-gazer is the first Pakistani to be selected for the research tour. Her name has made to the list along with 80 other women from various countries of the world, who will also take part in the studies.

The Homeward Bound Programme aims to empower women and will increase in their capacity to influence in the field of technology, science, mathematics, engineering and medicine – as published in a local news source.

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Under this programme, Dr Tayyaba Zafar visited Antartica for three weeks. In this three weeks long trip, she received extensive training and received daily leadership lectures, while the participating women also visited sites affected by climate change.

Speaking to the said local news source, she said that although gazing at the stars had always been her hobby but this visit and her trip to Antartica was an experience of a lifetime. She added that it immensely increased the scope of her knowledge and equipped her with modern knowledge.

”You can feel the positivity and inhale it. You can reflect on yourself” – she said.

She added that though the experience was marvellous, it also came with its own set of difficulties and women faced many health consequences.

”Although it was a great experience, some of us fell seasick and the most common effect was dizziness” – she said.

The 35 years old also talked about her love for astronomy and told she has always been drawn towards it, since childhood. She said even when the subject of astronomy is not taught in school, she used to buy books herself and study them.

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