Watch: Pakistan’s Viral Car Smuggling Video Reminds Us Of Fast & Furious!


‘Gone In Sixty Seconds’ and the entire ‘Fast And The Furious’ series depicts how Hollywood portrays crime. Masked under all the action and glamour, reality is far different from what is shown in movies.

Recently a video surfaced on Twitter, highlighting the true side of real-life crimes of such nature. Things are a lot less glamorous and a lot more dangerous.

The video shows how four cars are being smuggled into the territory of Pakistan through the mountain range that seems to be somewhere in Balochistan. All of  the cars are Toyota’s. Starting with a Vitz, then an Aqua right behind, next in the line is an 8th generation E110 Corolla, and a Probox last.

Cross-border car smuggling is a high-class offense in any country, so these smugglers avoid the main routes to steer clear of security check-posts. Specifically, in Balochistan, there are only a few paved routes, and all of them have several checkpoints. Therefore, they do not have another option but to transport smuggled cars through the mountains.

These drivers are driving ordinary streetcars on tracks that give a hard time even to the daring off-road enthusiasts. They are far from the realization that one tiny mistake and it’s game over for the driver – Literally!

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