Pakistan vs the world in first 50 days: COVID-19 active cases, critical cases and deaths

 It has been 52 days since the first case of the coronavirus was reported in Pakistan.

As the COVID-19 increases rapidly around the globe, the impact of the reported cases, the death toll, and recovery conditions are not the same everywhere.

Situation in Pakistan

It has been 52 days since the first case of the coronavirus was reported in Pakistan. The number of COVID-19 cases in the country has exceeded 7,000, whereas the death toll has passed 100.

Total Number of Reported Cases from day 1 to 50

CountriesTotal Cases
United States936


According to data collected by websites, Worldometers and coronavirus pandemic data, the total number of cases in Pakistan during the first 50 days, were far less than Spain and Italy. However, in our previous comparative study of 27 days, cases reported in the country were highest, as compared to other countries in the analysis.

It is pertinent to mention here that during the first 50 days, the reported cases in the United States were only 936. However, instead of that, the country has now become the epicenter of the coronavirus with 3,411,394 total cases and 34,641 deaths.

The pace of the coronavirus spread has slowed down in Pakistan, due to effective lockdown measures. However, the number of tests per 1 million population in the country is 383, which is trivial when we compare the countries with the highest cases.

From the above data, we can conclude that preventive measures and complete lockdown can play an important role in containing the virus as it did for Pakistan. However, it is too early to celebrate as the country has limited access to testing and it may make the number of cases look smaller than they really are.

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