Pakpattan: Father kills daughter for not waking him up for sehri

Culprit's brother reached out to police to report the murder.

Outrage: Father killed daughter for not waking him up for sehri



Pakpattan: A father has killed his own daughter allegedly for not waking him up for sehri. The incident has shocked the people, who have demanded immediate action against the culprit amid belief.

As the local media sources have reported, the incident occurred in Central Punjab’s Pakpattan. The daughter failed to wake her father up for sehri, which infuriated him. Submitting to his anger, the culprit Gulzar Ahmed shot his own daughter, killing her, on Thursday morning.

Gulzar’s brother Mukhtar Ahmed reached out to the police informing that Gulzar opened fire on his daughter, taking her life.

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Police registered a first information report (FIR) against the culprit following the complaint from the deceased’s uncle, arresting the accused. The investigations on the case are underway.

Pakpattan case is not the first of its nature:

The horrifying and bone-chilling case is not the first of its nature, and will not be the last as well. With outrageous cases of killed for honour, murdering women over petty domestic issues is not unknown to Pakistanis too.

Previously, we witnessed an outrage when the dead body of a 12 years old girl, Aniqa Khalid, found dead outside Mayo Hospital in Lahore. The investigations later unfolded that she was brutally beaten and killed by her own father and brother for not making ‘gol roti’.

After dumping her body, the murderer Khalid filed a case with the police in Shadbagh that her daughter has been kidnapped. After the investigation was initiated, the culprits did not take long to confess to their crimes and accepted killing her for not making ‘gol rotis’. They accepted dumping her body and painting it like a kidnapping case to save themselves.

Just when the people were in disbelief over this case, another emerged from Punjab where  Feroz Khan, a resident of Chak No 85/NB, Sargodha, killed his wife for serving him cold food and fled.

Social media community in shock, disbelief:

The social media community has shown utter shock and disgust over the Pakpattan case. While the lack of tolerance and male dominant arrangement of the society is to blame, it also speaks for how we are failing to see the role of women beyond the kitchen and four walls.

Social media community has condemned the ruthless murder:

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