VIDEO: Indian Panchayat hires a ‘ghost’ to make people stay inside their homes

Desperate times call for desperate measures!


Despite the continuously worsening COVID-19 situation in South Asia, people are still finding it hard to stay inside their homes. Just like Pakistan, people in India continue to behave carelessly and underestimate the magnitude of the threat they are exposed to.

However, desperate times call for desperate measures.

A panchayat in Odisha village, India came up with quite a unique solution to tackle this issue. They decided to hire a Bollywood-inspired ghost to scare people if they try to leave their homes.

A fair-skinned woman wearing a saree roams in the streets to ensure people follow the lockdown protocols during the night. She also wears a Payal (anklet), which makes the sound of ‘chhan chhan’ when she walks.

The villagers are quite scared of her and run back to their homes as soon as they hear her approaching them.


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