Panic follows as the number of polio cases hit 72

Reportedly a 17 months old girl from Karachi is the most recent victim to the disease.



It has been confirmed by the emergency operation center for polio, Sindh, that another polio case has been reported from Orangi neighborhood, in the Karachi metropolis. Reportedly a 17 months old girl has fallen victim to the crippling disease in the industrial city.

The other four victims in Sindh are: two from Hyderabad, one from Jamshoro and one from Larkana. In the last year, Sindh had only recorded one case, according to the officials.

“Countrywide, 72 polio cases have been reported this year, out of which 53 cases are from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, eight from Sindh, six from Balochistan and five from Punjab,” a polio official said, speaking to a local media source.

In the recent case reported in Orangi, the child slowly started to catch a fever. According to the officials, she “developed a fever and slight weakness in the right leg upon which she was taken to doctors where the case was classified as AFP (acute flaccid paralysis) following which she was tested for polio. However, her right limb senses remain intact with 4/5 power”.

The EOC (Emergency Operation Center for Polio Eradication) officials say that they are planning to launch an aggressive campaign, which will start from June 2020, aiming for a polio-free Pakistan. EOC and Pakistan’s medical bodies strongly insist parents to cooperate and vaccinate their children to avoid a life-long regret.

A polio case has also been reported from the Jaffarabad district of Balochistan, where a 15 years old boy has been paralyzed due to the virus. With this, the number of polio cases in the province reaches six.

To sum it up, 70 polio cases have been reported across the country so far. The provincial emergency polio center has also launched emergency vaccines but the cases continue to surge as conspiracy theories and fake markings keep increasing hurdles.

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