Technically-equipped paramilitary units being trained to control smuggling at borders

The battalions will cross-check the smuggling at the borders that disturb the national economy of the country significantly.


Highly technically-equipped units of paramilitary powers are being raised by the administration under a multi-pronged multi-billionaire (BMI) Border Monitoring Initiative to cross-check the smuggling at the borders that disturb the national economy of the country significantly.

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, has recently instructed to recruit around 2,000 officers other than raising extra battalions of Pakistan Coast Guards and Gilgit-Baltistan Scouts. All the enlistments are instructed to be made through security clearance by security offices that are relevant.

Initially, for two years, the lead role would be performed by Pakistan Customs. In the given period, Pakistan Customs would be equipped with all the necessary gadgets as well as weapons and logistic support. Apart from all that, a directorate general of prosecutions and law would be created in order to support the activities of customs.

The families of paramilitary personnel and police are compensated under the Shuhada package, and now it is also being extended to officials of Pakistan Customs who lose their lives while giving duty on the line.

The major part of BMI is upgrading the facilities of border monitoring. According to financial analysts, it would cost more than PKR 50 billion in the province of Balochistan where the military will continue to play the lead role. Prime Minister of Pakistan has also approved the making of an anti-smuggling committee known as ASSC (Anti-Smuggling Steering Committee).

Tariff rationalization plan:

Another committee is constituted by the PM that includes Dr Hafeez Sheikh (PM’s finance advisor), Abdul Razaaq Dawood (PM’s commerce advisor) and Shabbar Zaidi (FBR chairman) to finalize the tariff rationalization plan of the items being smuggled.

A formation of various intersection point teams is instructed to be made at divisional, provincial, and national levels with the association of senior delegates of certain ministries including commerce, interior, narcotics control, defense, law and justice, maritime affairs and chief ministers as well as intelligence agencies.

Additionally, under the logistics of BMI and because of the requirement of equipment, the anti-corruption committee has approved acquirement of high-tech weapons and gadgets, bulletproof suits, double-cabin cars, motorcycles, sniffer dogs as well as certain other resources through allocation in coming years 2020-2021’s annual budget and demanded the Federal Board of Revenue to play the primary role in setting up the project and protecting allotments in alliance with the finance and interior ministries.

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