“Parental support is the key to a girl’s success” says Gul Bano, Bannu’s only female PAS officer

Assistant Commissioner Gul Bano, currently posted in Mardan, believes that parents have a major role in the success of their daughters.

  • Gul Bano is performing her duties as the first female assistant commissioner in the fifty-year history of Mardan Tehsil.
  • The success of Gul Bano has paved a way for the education of girls in her area.
  • Gul passed the CSS exam after her marriage.

Gul Bano

Children achieve more and perform to the best of their abilities when parents are involved in their growth process. AC Gul Bano, currently posted in Mardan, believes that parents have a major role in the success of their daughters particularly.

Gul Bano, who hails from Bannu, district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, passed the CSS exam and became the only female officer in Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS) from Bannu. Gul Bano’s success has paved a way for other girls in her area.

Bano is now performing her duties as a female assistant commissioner, setting a new stone in the fifty-year history of Mardan Tehsil. She is also inaugurating new avenues of opportunities for other female officers in her administration. Currently, five female assistant commissioners are performing their duties in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s different tehsils.

Education and career:

Gul Bano received her early education from City Model School, Peshawar. After that, she did her inter from Jinnah College for Women. She went to Peshawar University and obtained an MBA degree.

Speaking to Independent Urdu, Gul Bano said that she developed an interest in Civil Services after her brother passed the exam.

“I was not sure if I would pass the exams, but I passed it with good marks”.

She cleared the CSS exam after one year of her marriage.

“When I was selected in the Pakistan Administrator group, which is the best group, my family was very happy,” Gul Bano.

Gul Bano further said, “It was difficult for me to work in the field as no female AC had ever worked in our province before”.

“For the first time in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, three women, including me, started work in 2016 and opened the way for other female assistant commissioners. Now almost every year an Assistant Commissioner comes in,” Bano.

”Parental support is fundamental to a girl’s success”

Gul Bano believes that parents have a crucial role to play in development of a girl’s confidence. She said that in our society, parents make all the decisions but they should trust their daughters.

”I think they should trust their daughters and give them a choice to decide for themselves”, said Bano.

I hope their daughter will earn a good name for them because I am doing my job well because of my father’s trust, ” she added.

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