Parents CAN be abusers – Child, wounded and bleeding, rescued from his own mother

Yesterday a piece of horrifying news made rounds on social media, with disturbing imagery, stating how an eighth-grader took his own life due to the fear of his father. The father threatened him to face serious consequences if he doesn’t score well in the exam. Since his test didn’t go well, he came home and killed himself. The fear of his own father was so consuming that he didn’t even wait until the result to take such an extreme step.

Just when people were finding it hard to cope up with it and digest it – another video went viral, shocking every base of human sense. Recorded in Pindi Bhattian, the video showed a child locked in a room, all wounded and bleeding. The child’s face can be clearly seen with a number of wounds. With his terrified eyes, screaming in pain, the innocent soul can be seen begging people to ‘save’ him from his own mother.

He tells that his mother beat him brutally and also bit his face because he didn’t memorise his lesson well. In the background, his mother can be seen saying she did it because his exams are ahead and he was not well-prepared. Here is the video:



Both incidents and their severity expose two very significant issues that need urgent addressal. One is our choked education system, that gauges a child’s capability with grades to an extent that more than learning, it has instilled fear. And second, we need to recognise that parents can be abusers as well. The magnitude of threats given in case one and the amount of physical abuse in case two shows how damaging it has been for mental health and long-term well-being of a child.

Usually, when we see a parent getting abusive towards the child, we rationalise it saying it must be for betterment – completing turning a blind eye to the possible implications it can have for child’s mind. Not everyone who is capable of producing a child is necessarily capable of raising one as well. Their behaviour can be toxic as well and using kids as a resort to take your aggression out just because they are dependent on you and are weak to fight back can be an indication of mental illness. Rather than making sense out of such behaviour, we should stop where we see it. Because if we don’t, more than positively, this behaviour pattern is damaging long-term.

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