Parents in Indian-Occupied Kashmir are naming their newborns ‘Ertugrul’

Dirilis: Ertugrul has taken Pakistan by a storm, and people aren’t getting over the Turkish drama series anytime soon. However, it seems that the Ertugrul fever has started to spread across borders as well.

According to a news outlet, parents in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) have started naming their newborns ‘Ertugrul’ following the lead character of the Turkish series.

The Consultant Pediatrician and President of Doctors Association of Kashmir Dr. Suhail Naik said ‘Ertugrul’ has become a frequently encountered name in his department as it has become a popular choice for parents.

Previously in IoK, ‘Ertugrul caps’ with fur also became a trend. People started to wear fez like the Ottoman soldiers, which is a slightly claret red headwear.

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  • hahahaha LOL this is so cringy… In Turkey people hate those who watch this series because its only sth that uneducated AKP-RTE folks watch, actress Esra Bilgiç posts her photoshoots on IG and a lot of Pakistani/Indian Muslims start cursing, harassing, dispensing their religious hatred such as the one in here: but still those people keep naming their children Ertugral? At least spell it correctly. lol. It’s Ertuğrul and it’d probably sound like “Errtowrule” in English. Ertugral is quite vulgar.

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