Paresh Rawal Under Social Media Attack After Controversial Tweet About Rohingya Muslims

Famed Indian actor and member of Lok Sabha of Indian Parliament Mr Paresh Rawal makes to the headlines after his controversial tweet about suffering Rohingya population in Burma.
Well, not surprised, Paresh already has a history of controversial statements, seems like another thing he is quite good at apart from acting.

And his contentious extremist remarks on Arundhati Roy, that he later deleted after facing intense backlash. But was totally unapologetic for it.

Recently, Paresh again set the Twitter on fire after targeting the Rohingya Muslims, portraying them as the oppressors rather than oppressed. Paresh said that Rohingya extremists are carrying out atrocities against Hindus in Burma, hence India should have a strong stance against accepting them as refugees.

Paresh made this statement in context with his previous ones, in which he expressed his concerns saying that India should ‘help’ them, but taking them will be a’catastrophic’ mistake that India will regret later.

When the entire world stands with Rohingya community through the horrible incidents and crimes against humanity that they are facing, Paresh’s statement are only creating differences and igniting hate. Due to that, Paresh caused a debate and a social media hysteria. Not just he was asked to stop spreading news without validation, on his tweet regarding Kashmir pandits, he was also questioned about his role.

On his recent tweet, people accused him for working on a strategy of dividing Muslims and Hindus. He was also pinpointed for kick starting speculations related to oppression against Hindus without any substantial evidence.

The reaction of people reflects that they see through the conspiracy and the entire situation is being manipulated by him to gain support, using the policy of ‘divide and rule’ as a political tool.

What do you think about his remarks? Let us know in the comments below.

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