Coke Studio ‘melody queen’ Zarsanga Bibi forced to live in a tent with 200 family members

She said that the current pandemic has made living conditions for her and her family very bad and has forced her now to beg.

Zarsanga Bibi

A Famous Pashto folk singer, Zarsanga Bibi, has reportedly been living in a tent with more than 200 family members after the culture department took back her official residence in Kohat district.

The singer has requested the culture department to provide her with a residence so that she can live the last years of her life in peace and dignity.

She said that the current pandemic has made living conditions for her and her family very bad and has forced her now to beg.

Sources have revealed that the singer and her sons have rented a shop in Kohat Bazaar where they have kept over 2,500 awards, certificates, and the singers’ medals.

Zarsanga said, “I appeal to President Dr. Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of my miserable plight. I want a piece of a plot where I could feel proud that my contributions fetched me at least a state given shelter. I at this age have no other wish.”

The folk singer said that she had refused offers from Afghanistan and many other countries, saying that she would only work for Pakistan. She said, ” My country has been my identity and I would live and die with it.”

“I would never leave Pakistan despite my current situation and the disappointing attitude of the concerned authorities. I have over 200 sons, daughters, and grandchildren. They all depend on me.”

Bibi added, “The government had allotted me an official residence in Kohat for two years. After termination of the specified time, I along with my extended family was forced to live once again in the tents in the open air.

The singer’s eldest son, Shahzada, said that his mother was suffering from a chest infection and had multiple other health complaints. He said that despite numerous appeals and requests, no official responded to his family’s sufferings.

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  • 200 sons, daughters, and grandchildren.
    Sab say pehlay un maulvion ka gala pakro, jo kehtay hain bachay kiay jao, Allah rizq day ga.

    secondly, Why are so many people dependent on you ???estimating the maths, atleast 50 of them should be over 30 years of age, and 30 year olds dependent on their mother for living is your fault!!! You didnt focus on their upbringing nor made them productive citizens of the society, you just focused on giving birth to more and made your children reproductive only members of society ! that even after becoming adult they are not only dependent on you, their mother, they are also reproducing …

    maybe you missheard Allama Iqbals poetry:
    Dardedil kay wastay paida kia insaan ko,
    warna Ta-at kay liay kuch kam na thay karobian

    Your family has somehow misunderstood Dard-e-dil to reproducing like bunnies.

  • ماشا اللہ دو سو بچے بچیاں پوتے پوتیاں اور نواسے نواسیاں
    اور سب کیا ایک گھر میں رہتے تھے جو محکمہ نے واپس لیا ؟ ویسے جو بھی ہے فنکاروں کی قدر اور عزت کرنی چاہئے اور اس فنکارہ کو بھی گھر ملنا چاہئیے

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