Passenger With Disabilities Calls Out Emirates Airline Over Inhumane Behaviour

A Pakistani woman, who was a passenger on an Emirates Airline flight from Dubai to Karachi, shared the ‘most humiliating and highly uncooperative experience’ of her life.

The 31-year-old Amna took to her Twitter account to share the inhumane behaviour of the airline’s staff. In a social media thread, the passenger wrote that she is ”a person with disabilities, suffering from Muscular Dystrophy and COPD, which is a lung condition.”

Her illness requires her to carry an oxygen concentrator with her on trips to help her breathe. However, the Emirates Airline staff told her that the oxygen concentrator would be counted in her baggage allowance as she is overweight.

Amna called it absurd because she had her medical certificate with her.

If a person with a disability is carrying lifesaving equipment with them that would mean they are not allowed to carry any other form of luggage with them including their travel essential items like clothes, shoes, toiletries etc,” she added.

The Twitter user demanded that lifesaving medical equipment should be free of baggage allowance just like wheelchairs for disabled passengers.

Amna also talked about the “highly uncooperative and extremely rude staff”, who made her open her suitcases. She wrote that they “weren’t willing to provide me with a solution or help in anyway.”

After no help from the Emirates Airline’s staff, she decided to leave her luggage in Dubai and flew back home with nothing except the machine.

Amna posted a short video clip from the airport and said that she will not be flying with Emirates ever again.

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  • Agreed. Just traveled from uk to pakistan last week with Emirates last week. Rubbish food and dead slow service, plus rude behaviour with passengers. I will never travel with them lot again

  • Totally agree service as rubbish and food was awful. Worst food I had ever on the flight ..ever again with Emirates

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