SHOCKING: Watch passionate musician turn uncle’s skeletal remains into an electric guitar

For several years, Filip's skeleton was used in medical school classes.

Musician creates an electric guitar with a human skeleton.

A musician in Florida, Prince Midnight, did the most surprising thing with the remains of his deceased uncle. He took his uncle’s skeletal remains and turned them into a fully functional electric guitar! Creative or Creepy? Read more to make up your mind.

But before reading further, watch this video, so you know that this incident actually happened:

WHY did he do this?

The musician Prince Midnight shared:

My uncle requested my family to donate his remains for educational purposes. 

Following his wishes, when Filip (the uncle) died in the 90s, at the age of 28, his skeleton was medically prepared in Greece (where he passed away).

For several years, Filip’s skeleton was used in medical school classes. However, soon the time came when the school did not need the skeleton anymore.

The school returned the skeleton, and the responsibility of Filip’s remains fell on the musician Midnight’s mother. Being a Greek orthodox, she put forward two options to deal with the skeleton:

  1. Pay for a burial plot
  2. Pay a monthly fee to store the remains

Prince Midnight said:

She didn’t want to pay for the skeleton anymore, so I was like, I’ll take care of it.

That’s when the musician decided to keep his uncle’s skeletal remains for himself. Midnight shared:

I went through all the red tape, which is a tremendous amount of trouble. You’ve got to contact the funeral home. The State Department’s involved. I went through it all

Watch how a musician created a skeleton guitar.

WHAT did he do?

Midnight began sharing the story by saying that, at first, he did not know what to do with his uncle’s skeletal remains. He continued to express:

Then it just popped into my head. I’m going to turn Uncle Fil into a guitar. And I was like, that is the best way to honor him. He would love that idea!

Recalling that Filip introduced Midnight to heavy metal, he said:

I decided to get a little creative. It’s pretty metal to play a guitar made out of skeleton; I have to say.

Midnight further said:

This might be the only time someone has turned a skeleton into a functional guitar. No one’s ever made a guitar out of a skeleton, to my surprise. So there is a little bit of a learning curve.

Here are more pictures of Midnight’s skeletal electric guitar:

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