Patient’s Attendant Beaten To Death By Staff At Services Hospital Lahore

Hospitals with a place for physical healing is perceived to be a place where your desolate self can find a refuge too. With the social comfort, acceptance and care being offered there for you being yourself is what makes the profession so sacred. But the same place, where lives of people are saved and new lives are created, took a person’s life. If it isn’t distressing enough, the life lost wasn’t due to poor medical services (that we are quite habitual of coming across), but the staff allegedly actually beat an individual to death.

The building of Services Hospital Lahore was all chaos as the family of a patient and hospital’s administration got an in argument, that later translated into a brawl. The patient, Kiran, was admitted to the hospital’s gynaecology ward. Allegedly the patient was being mistreated by the doctor that angered her brother Sunil. There was some exchange of heated words between him and the lady doctor after which it turned into a brawl.

According to the family, the patient was being manhandled and was even slapped that rose their concerns. The staff later attacked them and the attendant succumbed to his wounds.

On the other hand, the hospital tells a contrasting story saying that no one was slapped while the patient was in stable position. The family was insisting to accommodate them before other’s on the list and on resistance of doing that, Sunil invited a mob to attack. Here is the video that made to the social media.


The same incident was narrated in the press release as well.

Sadly the incident is harrowing and severe in its nature. The deceased’s family has lodged an FIR against the doctors and investigations are underway.

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