Good News For Freelancers, Payoneer Expands its Services in Pakistan

Payoneer joined hand with Jazz Cash.

Payoneer jazz cash collabration

Pakistan is gaining traction over Freelancing. A scarcity of payment gateways for foreign payments has issues for freelancers in Pakistan. That is why Payoneer joined hand with Jazz Cash.

The options available within the country for the foreign money withdrawal are Express Withdrawal and Wire Transfers that allow payments to enter into bank accounts. Payoneer directly links with ATMs of MCB, Standard Chartered, and Faysal Bank.

To expand its service, Payoneer has decided that it “will now be available for mobile wallets as well.”

Jazz (Telecom Operator) has joined hands with Payoneer, users will get up to Rs1.5 million in their mobile wallets and link them with Payoneer. Through the JAZZ Cash account, users can receive foreign payments into there E-Wallets.

The majority of online money transfers in Pakistan are happening through the formal banking channels that require comprehensive documentation and a particular time delay. With Jazz Cash, The method of money transferring will be easy for freelancers within the city.

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JazzCash’s official site writes, “The funds from Payoneer are often received instantly into the Freelancer’s Mobile Account. Once received, the funds are often utilized to pay utility bills, transfer funds, purchase Mobile top-ups and make online payments, etc. Additionally, the funds will be withdrawn conveniently by visiting any of 85,000+ JazzCash agents or by visiting the closest ATM.”

Foreign Payments are often transferred instantly with the minimum withdrawal limit of $1, which is approximately Rs155. However, as per JazzCash rules, the minimum payment is $15 (Rs2,319 approximately) for prepaid Sim users and $25 (Rs3,865 approximately) for postpaid Sim users.

Jazz also promises to produce Rs2 airtime per dollar with Payoneer transactions.

JazzCash won’t charge any fee on withdrawals, while Payoneer’s standard charges of 2 percent are going to subtract after the third transaction. First Two withdrawals are free of cost by Payoneer within the first month. If the users possess a Proceeds Realization Certificate (PRC), any payments received from foreign resources are going to be exempt from taxes as per the Tax Ordinance of Pakistan. PRC will require transaction date and time, amount, customer name, mobile number.

‘Jazz is also producing most Affordable SMARTPHONE.’

Jazz also partnered with KaiOS Technologies and released ‘Jazz Digit 4G Mobile’. The new phone comes with a Jazz Super 4G SIM that powers WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Voice, and Jazz TV as a part of the 200 and more apps. Since the device runs on KaiOS operating system, the third-largest mobile OS worldwide.

The company claims that Jazz Digit 4G is that the “most affordable smart feature phone within the global market,” at a deposit of just Rs1,800 ($11). The customer has to check-in for a one-year service with Jazz at Rs300 per month. The service will furnish you with 1,000 minutes, 1000MB data, free SMS, and free emergency call with unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp for the first three months.

  • This article is of no use because every freelancer has his own local bank so why he will use jazz cash to withdraw money from payoneer. They are already using local banks. I am using Askari Bank. It would have been better if we given option to deposit money to payoneer from jazz cash, because no company or bank is offering its services for depositing money to payoneer, all are giving services of just withdraw.

    • I think no bank is as instant as jazz cash they also provide PRC without bank visit and a free of cost ATM a only downside they have lesser monthly and yearly limits

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