[DETAILS REVEALED] PCB responds to rape allegations against captain Babar Azam

Last week, a woman named Hamiza made serious allegations against the cricketer.

  • The PCB has responded to the allegations of sexual misconduct against the cricketer Babar Azam.
  • The board said that the allegations made are personal; therefore, it cannot comment on it.

PCB Babar Azam
The PCB responds to sexual abuse allegations against the captain Babar Azam.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has reacted to the allegations of sexual abuse made against the Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam.

The PCB Director of Media and Communications, Samiul Hassan, said that the allegations made against Azam were personal so the board could not comment on it.

Last week, a woman named Hamiza made serious allegations against the cricketer in a press conference held at Lahore Press Club. She accused Babar of sexual misconduct.

Hamiza said that she and Babar were in a relationship ten years ago, and the star batsman sexually abused her. She claimed that Babar, who was 16 at the time of the incident, had eloped with her and they lived in various places in Lahore.

She said, “I financially supported the cricketer during the early days of his career, and when I asked him to marry me, he kept avoiding the marriage.”

The woman added an FIR was also registered regarding the issue, but no action had been taken.

She has now filed a petition in the sessions court in Lahore, the hearing for which is set for the 5th of December.

Azam is currently with the national cricket team on the tour of New Zealand. The team is scheduled to play three T20 and two Test matches, starting from the 18th of December.

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  • Cricket board should involve in it …, Babar is innocent until approved guilty .If Babar has been involved in this story then action should be taken against him .It is not his personal matter , he represents Pakistan … i feel sorry for him if he is involved but should be brought to justice

  • India nay card khala hai aganist Babar Azam… Exactly they have done with bowlers Asif and Amir…

    • Nahee yaar these players are corrupt and break rules of being a musalman. Its a lesson for other girls who without marriage get sexualy involved its a sin right.

    • Thats a personal consensual relationship prohibited in islam but no pakistani law was broken unless she can prove that he raped her which impossible to prove.

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