When PCTB book reviewer suggested to cover Newton’s head in Punjab science textbooks to ‘observe pardah’

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A reviewer of the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board has asked a science textbook publisher to edit Sir Isaac Newton’s picture in the book, whom he mistook for a ‘woman.’ He proposed to add a scarf on the scientist’s head to observe proper purdah.

A researcher named Ayesha Razaqque made the unusual revelation in her recent column in The News.

She wrote, “A few days ago, a publisher suggested a science textbook to the PCTB for revision and approval for use in schools. There was a photo of Sir Isaac Newton next to a tree on one of the pages, representing the legendary scientific moment of an apple felling from the tree that would inspire him to discover the law of gravitation.”

“The scientist was shown wearing a long garment and had long hair or maybe a wig in that picture. One of the remarks from the PCTB’s review of the book was that the ‘female’ in the picture must be edited. The reviewer advised adding a scarf on Newton’s head to observe proper purdah. True story!”.

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    • What is amazing in our system and society. Its a self destructive system and society which will fall itself eventually.
      Are you talking about system which takes advantage of ramadan by hoarding essential food items??

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