PEMRA asks HUM News to pay fine or apologize for airing false information about Hammad Azhar



  • PEMRA orders HUM News to apologize to Hammad Azhar or pay fine for sharing misinformation about Hammad Azhar. 
  • Nadeem Malik, in a show, presented Hammad Azhar’s alleged last few years tax returns and accused him of ‘cyber terrorism’.
  • Hammad lodged a complaint with Council of Complaints PEMRA, which debunked senior anchor’s claims. 

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has ordered HUM News for apologizing to Hammad Azhar or pay a fine for sharing misinformation. Nadeem Malik, on his show, revealed allegedly incorrect information about Azhar, claiming that he only pays Rs 6000 as tax.

The claims were instantly refuted by Hammad Azhar, who said he is proud that he is among the top taxpayers of the parliament. He further added that if the claims are not taken back and Nadeem doesn’t share the accurate figures, he will lodge a formal complaint with PEMRA for defamation and sharing imprecise figures.

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Hammad shared that he has paid 12.4 million taxes in the past year, 12.5 million in the preceding year, and 8 million before that. He further added that he neither takes TADA nor monthly salary from the government.


Here is what he had to say:

The senior journalist, however, stood by his story and invited Hammaz to join them in the follow-up program.

”Hammad Azhar is most welcome to join. Our office is situated at a very nice place where many leading lights like to visit. I stand by the story”

PEMRA asks HUM News to apologize to Hammad Azhar:


After hearing both sides, PEMRA has asked HUM News for an apology or pay fine. Hammad registered his complaint back in May after the program was aired and after considering facts and figures from both sides, PEMRA found HUM News and Anchor Nadeem Malik guilty of spreading unverified news about the minister.

”I filed a complaint with Council of Complaints PEMRA regarding false info aired in NadeemMalik’s show on HumNews related to my tax returns. Members of Council heard both parties & found info displayed by the anchor as ‘fake’. They have instructed channel to air an apology or pay fine,” Hammad shared. 


”The complaint was filed by me in May. The case was heard by the members of the Council in June. The representatives of both parties were heard at length and their recommendations/decision was sent to PEMRA that approved the Council’s minutes in July,” he added. 


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