PEMRA finds it hard to digest Coca Cola’s ‘extremist’ ad and issues a ban

  • Yet another extremist has taken the birth. The world is right when it says that we are extremists; Coca Cola ad.
  • The content of the ad invited widespread criticism from the public.
  • PEMRA bans the TVC from being aired on media outlets until the omission of objectionable content.


PEMRA bans the Coca Cola ad witnessing the negative impact on the image of Pakistanis – photo source Imgur.

“Yet another extremist has taken the birth. The world is right when it says that we are extremists. Sometimes we celebrate the extreme happiness and sometimes we go extreme when hosting our guests.” These are the words that you might have come across when looking at your television screen. Coca-Cola brand used them in their advertisement presuming the Pakistanis going to extremes whether it is the time of happiness, sadness or hosting the guests.

Such an obstructive statement, especially in this age of confrontations and direct verbal attacks on Pakistan on diplomatic and media forums, didn’t sit well to many of us and people resort to widespread criticism and launched complaints through various official forums on subject TVC.

A hashtag on twitter ‘ban Coca Cola was also trending in this regard as the role of social media has gained a more primitive position as compared to the mainstream media as of now and results are in the form of a notice issued by PEMRA by July 30, 2019 prohibiting the Coca Cola’s TVC from being aired on the basis of offensive content.

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People widely condemned the choice of words made by the brand to outpour its publicity and called the ad as denouncing the image of Pakistani nationals at both national and international levels.

“It has been observed that Satellite TV channels, FM radio, and Distribution Service Licenses are airing a TVC of Coca Cola. The content of the advertisement is not only offensive but also tantamount to demeaning the Pakistanis as a nation,” the statement by PEMRA read.


The notification further mentioned that the authority is continuously receiving complaints and criticism from the general public via Online Citizen Portal and PEMRA’s complaint Call Center on TVC.

“The public at large is criticizing the theme of this advertisement which is promoting negative perception against Pakistan and Pakistani nation world over,” the statement added.

The authority has now banned the telecast of Coca Cola TVC under section 27 of the PEMRA (Amendment) Act 2007 with immediate effect till the time the content of the advertisement is reviewed with the omission of objectionable content.

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  • I think this is one of the best National ad ofPakistan. Had reviewed this with fellow peers and all of them had only praise for the creative and copy of this ad.

  • Its foreign funded Commercial just to humaliate Pakistan’s gesture in  front of the entire world. Why they don’t say Hindus, Christians and Jews are also extremists and terrorists. Mother fuckers

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