Father rapes ten-month-old daughter, then 'googles' what to do with her body

According to prosecutors, Stevens waited an hour after browsing Google to call 911 and get help for his dying daughter.

Austin Stevens, a 29-year-old youth football coach and resident of Providence Township, was charged with aggravated sexual assault rape of a child, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and other criminal counts on Tuesday. The man allegedly raped his ten-month-old daughter, Zara Scruggs, who later succumbed to her injuries and died in a hospital bed.

The Montgomery County District Attorney\’s Office issued a press release stating the timeline of events:

At around 10.40 PM on Saturday, Lower Providence police responded to a report of an unresponsive infant at 3400 block of Germantown Road. Officers immediately began CPR on Zara and transported her to Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, where she was pronounced dead less than two hours later. Police obtained a search warrant to download the contents of Stevens\’ phone.

The search revealed that the 29-year-old father had conducted several disturbing Google searches which included:

  • If the baby stops breathing
  • What if you don\’t hear baby heart or beat
  • My baby isn\’t breathing
  • How do you know if a baby [sic] is dead

According to prosecutors, Stevens waited an hour after browsing Google to call 911 and get help for his dying daughter. He also exchanged messages on social media with two women, failing to mention his daughter\’s condition.

The press release from the DA\’s office further stated:

A search of Stevens\’ upstairs apartment turned up a diaper Zara was wearing during the alleged rape. The diaper was saturated with blood. An autopsy determined that the baby girl, who had just learned how to walk, sustained anal rectal trauma and blunt force trauma to the head.

Regarding the case, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said:

This case is deeply disturbing. It is hard to imagine this child\’s death being any more traumatic: sexual assault on an infant, followed by inaction by the father to save her life, led to her death. It is heinous.

Stevens is currently being held at the county jail on $1million bail, pending a preliminary hearing set for the 13th of October.

A media outlet reported that Stevens had joint custody of Zara with Erica Scruggs, Zara\’s mother. The baby\’s maternal grandparents were the last people to see young Zara alive when they put her in her father\’s car so he could take her for an overnight visit.

On Tuesday, Erica Scruggs took to Facebook and wrote:

I am not okay. I really have no words … He will pay.

To help the grieving mother, Zara\’s relative launched a GoFundMe page. So far, the fundraiser has drawn more than $ 28,000 in donations. The description of the campaign states:

She sparked so much joy. She was smart. She was silly. She was sassy. She was perfect. She was a beautiful baby and brought so much beauty into hundreds of lives.

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  • what kind of era we are living in, extreme punishment should be given in public to this guy with no mercy so that any men would never even think of doing such a horrific crime.

    Just think of a moment of the pain that this innocent baby has gone through. Makes me cry and angry. that guy should be publicly killed

    • there is something going on, people are getting mentally sick. someone needs to look into this.

  • I can’t believe what I have seen in this notes. What a barbaric situation that couldn’t be commented in words. It’s no less than doomsday.

  • Chop off or use acid on his genitals and give him painful but slow death..he should not deserve to live ..I have no words to describe..but he will surely get severe punishment here in this world and will burn in hell till eternity..scumbag

  • Fucking bitch unbelievers just want to make notorious the faces of beard people by fake news

    • So you think this guy didn’t do the crime? Are you mentally ok? Do you think they could get away with posting someones picture and this story and get away with it if it was fake?

      Not everything is a conspiracy dude. Search for the guys name and the story is available from multiple sites. He actually did the crime.

  • He should also punish like this way, he should hanged 200times publicly, bagairat harami, hm log tu zamana jahliat se b bad tar dour main rah rahy hain

  • Speechless…He’s wasn’t his father he was animal i mean how can her own father treated that angel so badly this man should be hanged till death i’m in a state of anxiety since i read this news shameless…He is not able to call a human being he’s just a manimal.

    • I found this very difficult to read and fathom as well. But your state of anxiety after reading this most likely just means you have a decent heart and are a good human being. This type of thing should never happen. So terrible.

  • First of all, it’s a heinous crime. Everyone who read it upset and mentally disturb.
    Secondly, it’s not the first time that @siasat.pk publish this kind of foreigner bad news on their website. A couple of days earlier they posted the same rape type news article in which a Mother raped his 11 or 12-year-old son. I am failed to understand what is the purpose of this kind of news? posting @siasat.pk? are they looking for clickbait? organic traffic? visitors? why are they spreading this kind of foreign cases and making the daily lives more stressful? I would like to suggest to the admin of this website try to spread positivity and the good news. Money isn’t everything in the world. Post some rich content and fruitful things that relate mostly to your own country. Or maybe this site is running by our neighbors.

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