Customers accuse New Lahore City, Zaitoon Group of fraud in Lahore

"New Lahore City," which claims to be a private housing scheme, is looting people by selling what are no more than 'paper-plots.'

Sources have revealed that New Lahore City and Zaitoon group have been looting money of innocent people by selling them files of plots that do not exist. The group has also been demanding extra money in the form of illegal development and possession charges.

Dozens of such illegal housing societies have defrauded innocent civilians of their life savings amounting to billions of rupees. Such schemes could only succeed in doing illegal transactions due to support from within the concerned authorities.


“New Lahore City,” which claims to be a private housing scheme, is looting people by selling what are no more than ‘paper-plots.’

This is one of the biggest scams in Pakistan’s history. They betray their customers and use their money to establish business and, in return, give them nothing.

People in New Lahore City and Zaitoon City have been suffering for ten years, and they are not getting possession of the plot. The housing societies are demanding money from the people for huge development charges. The victims of New Lahore City have also gone to NAB protested outside the LDA office and the New Lahore City office.

One of the affectees told a source, “What NLC delivered is 1500 plots out of 50,000 files. They have been looting people since 2011. People are still crying and waiting to build their dream homes. Almost 100 plots (out of 1500) are still disputed because of a water drain coming from the canal and going to land at the back of Premier Enclave. Last but not least, out of 4 phases, LDA approves only phase-1 of 346 Kanal. The remaining 3 phases are still not approved by the LDA.”

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According to the latest updates, the society members allegedly tried to kidnap an affected person named Ahmed. He told the local news outlet that if something happened to him, the society owners of the New Lahore city Zaitoon group, Mian Ayaz Anwar and Mian Ejaz Anwar, would be responsible.

New Lahore City has badly robbed the middle class and government employees. The LDA does not even approve many New Lahore City projects.

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