People Asking To Charge Beaconhouse With ‘Treason’ For Including A Controversial Question in Exam

Renowned private school Beaconhouse is facing intense backlash as people believe their curriculum to be anti-Pakistan. The controversy initiated after a leaked exam paper surfaced the internet.

The question paper included questions that are offending our side of history in the regard. The people are of opinion that the educational institute is ‘funded’ by India and anti-state elements, contributing in establishing the hatred sentiments against Pakistan.

Previously PCTB (The Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board) slapped a ban on Nigel Kelly’s book ‘The History and Culture of Pakistan’ for having anti-Pakistan content as well. Allegedly, the book contained disputable content against Pakistan Army and their role in wars of 1965 and 1971.

“The book must not be used as the textbook, supplementary reading material, reference book or guide book etc. at any level. It is to be treated as most important/urgent & strict compliance be ensured’’ – the read the notification by PCTB (Source: The News).

The students rejected the claim and said that it is one of the most qualitative and unbiased books on Pakistani history.

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Recently the questions that sparked the outrage and kick-started the social media campaign against Beaconhouse was also related to the wars. The question asked how India was successful in defeating Pakistan during the two wars – which people are classifying as ‘treason’.

While the majority of people are asking for a ban on the institution and charging them for treason for purposefully propagating anti-Pakistan and anti-Army sentiments, some are also calling the trend lame and bogus, and asking for letting children think and critically analyze the truth themselves. Here is what the social media community is saying on the controversy:

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