Media ethics and Pakistan | People condemn reporter’s insensitivity towards Kaira

Qamar Zaman Kaira was in middle of a press conference when he received the tragic news.

The picture taken at the unidentified time shows Kaira with his deceased son


Yesterday was a tragic day for senior Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Qamar Zaman Kaira as he had to hold his own young son’s funeral. It is said that a woman losing her husband is called a widow. A child losing their parents is called an orphan. But even the vocabulary doesn’t have words to describe the loss of a parent who loses their child.

Due to Kaira’s humble personality and political stature, every Pakistani, regardless of political affiliations or having any political inclination in the first place, extended their condolences and mourned with him.

But at the same time, the bone-chilling incident has also initiated debates on other connected issues, including media ethics in Pakistan.

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Kaira was in the middle of a press conference when he was informed about the tragic incident. Amid question and answers, a reporter, very insensitively, delivered the news.

“Qamar sahab, check tou karen. Sun’ne main aya hai death ho gayi hai”

You don’t have to be trained in media ethics to know how to inform a father about his young son’s death. However, the reporters seemed to be engaged in a race of who will deliver the news first, who will take the lead and who will sensationalize it more.

The way news was delivered was not only disturbing for the grieving family, but also for the journalists, political leaders and social media community alike.

Journalist Maria Memon raised the same question, saying how low has our media ethics and collective insensitivity fallen to.

She said that not only does it raise a question on how illiterate our media is in handling such sensitive issues, but it is concerning to see how emotionally numb we have gotten as a society.

Social media community extend condolences and support:

Social media community have condemned the media insensitivity, extending their heartiest condolences for Kaira and his family in this difficult time:

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