Rauf Klasra Can Not Take Criticism, Blocks Whoever Disagrees With Him Including Siasat.pk

Rauf Klasra is regarded as a credible journalist and one of the few sane voices that is followed by people regardless of where their political affiliations lie.

Just like talk shows and mainstream media, Klasra has also made use of social media for voicing his opinions. However, anything that goes on social media raises discusses and calls for a reaction.

One of the Siasat.pk’s forum members pointed the same thing out saying that social media is a place for discussions and is different than a typical talk show. But rather than responding to the people who disagree with Klasra and providing them with satisfactory answers, he blocks them.

There is an obvious difference between voicing your opinion in a column and on a social media platform. Social media community is obviously a lot more crowded and volatile. Or in other words, every individual has an equal opportunity to voice their opinions and get them heard.
Responding to that Klasra criticizing Siasat.pk for promoting the verbal abuse and unethical behavior on social media. AND AFTER THAT, BLOCKED AS WELL.

Siasat.pk responded to the following tweet with this.

Several dozen members reported that Rauf Klasra did the same thing to them. They weren’t abusive, just had a difference of opinion, so we asked them to send us their tweets that caused them to get blocked.

We responded back to them Rauf Klasra with the following Tweet:

Guess, What Rauf Klasra did instead of responding to this query, he blocked Siasat.pk’s twitter account as well.

But as the forum member had already pointed out, dozens of people responded to the tweet saying that they had been blocked for disagreeing and criticism as well.







The question is that doesn’t this attitude further promote the submissive blind followers trend? Journalists who are regarded as an authentic source of knowledge and awareness for people who have no contact to the outside world except through television, should they be encouraging discussions and public participation or should they deprive people of the only opportunity they have to express themselves i.e social media?

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments bar below.

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