People Demand Justice For 13-years-old Rimsha Murdered Allegedly By Relative of PPP’s Manzoor Wassan


Another day, another tragedy – Twitter is exploding while people demand justice for a 13 years old minor girl from Sindh who has fallen prey to the wadera culture.

According to the unconfirmed viral reports available on social media regarding the incident, Rimsha allegedly was killed by Zulfiqar Wassan, who is related to Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) prominent leader Manzoor Wassan. Manzoor Wassan has served in the eminent position for the party. He served as the Minister for Home Affairs of the province of Sindh and was later disqualified by The Supreme Court.

As per the posts circulating on social media, Rimsha from Khairpur was kidnapped by Zulfiqar Wassan, kept at his place and allegedly raped. Upon being pressurised by Zulfiqar Wassan and Nawab Wassan, Zulfiqar let go of Rimsha and she was sent to her home. However, according to the murdered Rimsha’s mother, Wassan family was afraid that Rimsha might proceed with her case in court, which may damage the image of the influential family.

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Rimsha’s mother further added that the police is not cooperating with them either and is working to protect the politically staunch influential family. SSP Umar Tufail has labelled the murder as the case of ‘honour killing’ without any prior investigation. The posts also informed that Zulfiqar has a criminal record and already has 20 cases to his name. They alleged that the culprits are being protected and the cold-blooded murder is being masked as a case of honour killing to save Zulfiqar and image of Wassan family.
After the posts went viral on social media, people started demanding justice for the bereaved family, pushing the Sindh government to take action.

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