See How People From Different Religious Backgrounds Helped The Muslim Affectees Of Quebec Mosque Shooting

Unfortunately, terrorism has tamed us in the shackles of hatred and discrimination, igniting a blame game every time, without realizing that these extremist acts are far beyond targeting a particular religion and ethnicity. They are a threat to the entire humanity. While many of us fall prey to it, there are people of substance, courage and staunch moral values who eradicate these religious and ethnic barriers, extending an arm of help to those affected by these horrible effects.

One of these many examples is Quebec Mosque Shooting, where a 27 years old university student opened fire during evening prayers in the mosque killing six people. But among those people was Aymen Derbali who is celebrated as the ‘Quebec Shooting Hero’ by the Canadians. Derbali saved many people in the mosque, deliberately taking two bullets in his struggle that left him paralyzed. He will never be able to walk again due to fragments of two bullets that are still in his spinal cord.

In this tough time, Canadians proved that they are a nation of diversity and enjoys it. People from different backgrounds and religious origin joined hands to support this hero by providing monetary aid. They were collectively able to raise  $402,173 through a GoFundMe campaign to improve the living standard of Aymen Derbali and other affected by the incident.

The Hero – Aymen Derbali

Not just the monetary contribution, they also stood firm through this incident and supported their Muslims brothers regardless of the lines that separate them. Here are some of the comments from the people that show that humanity is still alive:

Just when Pakistan is feeling a similar wave of hatred and extremism, the way this man single-handedly saved so many lives at the cost of his and how people from all the backgrounds supported beyond differences show the miracles unity can do.
If we start acknowledging the diversity and start believing in humanity, we can make a big difference on an individual level as well.

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