Why Are People Getting Offended About Faisal Mosque Turning Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness?

CANCER, the name itself is horrifying enough to contain your mind. Now imagine a person going through all this? Facing chemotherapy, lasers and looking at yourself in the mirror wondering how in a course of few months,  someone can change both mentally and physically?

Cancer is a battle that is devastating for an individual on physical and emotional grounds. Not just the person suffering it, seeing your loved one completely changing right in front of your eyes is a mental struggle for friends and family as well.

Especially in this part of the world, where neither are we much focused on the type of food we consume nor we have a habit of going to doctor regularly and get routine checkups, cancer becomes unbeatable in most cases as by the time it is diagnosed, the situation is already out of the hands. This is exactly why we need to aware people about the disease and how they can save themselves or their loved ones by observing certain symptoms themselves before it is too late.
This year, the month of October was dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness which is one of the leading causes of death in Pakistani women.

Last year Mazaar e Quaid and this year Faisal Mosque were lit in pink lights as a part of the breast cancer awareness campaign. But we couldn’t even digest it

This practice offended certain segments of the society who thought that talking about breast cancer is inappropriate and use of mosque to raise awareness about a ‘taboo’ topic is offensive. Contrary to that, we see that in Islamic history mosques have served as a sanctuary to talk about and discuss every sort of issues that concerned human lives.


The problem is that we often tend to confuse between our societal barriers and religious limitations.
How can we expect people to know about it and take measures to secure themselves if we can’t even handle public discussions on it?

Breast cancer, like any other type of cancer, is a dreadful disease and we NEED to talk about it before we lose someone we love to it.

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